Technology delivery


Wimao’s technology enables the entire process from the raw material to the final product. With our patented technology, it is possible to recycle numerous different materials and use them to manufacture competitive products for various fields.

The range of raw materials that can be utilized is extremely broad. With our technology, various waste fractions, recycled plastics, industrial side streams, and bio-based fibre materials can be utilized.

The technology enables versatile design possibilities for end products. Technology allows mixed materials and content variations and impurities in the material used. This, on the other hand, simplifies sorting and pretreatment and also enables the utilization of mixed materials that are difficult to recycle. Our technology provides the possibility to recycle raw material fractions that are difficult or even impossible to utilize using other technologies.

We can also utilize mixed raw materials that are difficult to recycle.

The ecological composite products manufactured using our technology are environmentally friendly and reduce both the amount of waste and carbon dioxide emissions. The products can be used to replace existing products or components made of plastic, wood, metal, glass fibre, stone, or concrete.

Our operations include the project deliveries and licensing of the production technology. There are also various collaboration models available for the technology deliveries. We can, for instance, participate in the operations of the plant or offer a channel for marketing the end products. Our technology delivery includes equipment for the entire process from raw material treatment to the production of final products. In the best cases, the payback time for a factory can be less than two years.


Our patented technology enables the extremely versatile utilization of various recycled materials and industrial side streams. By combining different raw materials and binding agents, the materials and end products can be tailored to gain desired final properties. The tailor-made material is then used to manufacture products and components that can be utilized in various applications in different fields.

Suitable raw materials include recycled plastics and different recycled fibres, such as wood, paper, and cardboard-based fibres, textiles, insulation wool, gypsum, different synthetic, mineral, nano-, micro-, glass, and carbon fibres, and various polymers. There are no specific limitations on the raw material used. The technology is able to utilize a variety of recycled materials and also very miscellaneous waste based raw materials, mixed plastics and waste streams containing several different materials.   

The material compound can also be supplemented with various foaming agents, fire retardants, and other additives in order to modify the final properties.

We have developed our own ecological composite, which goes by the product name of Wemix®. In addition to the favorable material properties, the ecological benefits are also substantial. By using Wemix it is possible to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 1–8 times for every kilogram of produced products, depending on the product that is being replaced and the material used. Moreover, the composite also extends the lifecycle of the raw material and thus reduces the amount of produced waste and material that ends up being incinerated.

Our ecological composite materials can be used to replace plastic, wood, metal, glass fibre, stone, or concrete in various applications, products, and components in a competitive manner.