We develop ecological biocomposite materials using recycled materials as the main raw material. Combining different raw materials and binding agents creates features that can be utilised in a variety of applications in various industries.

Recycled plastic and wood fibres are the main raw materials. In addition, any virgin and recycled fibres are well suited for raw materials, such as wood, paper and carton based fibres as well as different synthetic, mineral, textile, nano, micro, glass and carbon fibres, other similar fibres and polymers. The compound can additionally be supplemented with various foaming agents, flame retardants and other additives in order to improve the final properties.

Our biocomposite materials can replace plastic, wood, glass fibre or concrete in a number of products and components for a competitive price.

If you are interested in opportunities to replace an existing product or to develop a brand new product or component using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly biocomposite solution please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

With biocomposite you can replace a vast range of products in an environmental way.